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SIDI MAG 1 Race Boot


Invisible technology, visible innovation.

SIDDI MAG-1 Race boots have developed their latest road race boot by making it lighter than the Vortice (around 400grams) more flexable and streamlined.

This is after feedback from its stable of GP riders and track testing by them.

From the outside they have taken off the vertebra system and internalised it up both sides of the boot to form an internal support brack system. It is made using aircraft carbon fibre supports. This allows excellent flex movement front to back while restricting movement from side to side. It also gives the boot more streamlined look plus saves weight. Next, the arch and achilles areas of the boot are covered with SIDI's exclusive elastic textile and injection molded polyurethane comfort panels. This enhances the flexability of the boot and helps ventilation.

The TeCHNO-3 Magnetic closures, close the boot with an extremely resistant steel wire, that is hooked up to the clip with the aid of a magnet to make it locate easily. At the top of the boot is an extra adjustable strap that can accommodate riders with up to a 380mm calf diameter.

The other 2 main features on the side of the toe slider. It is made in nylon reinforcement with fibreglass. It is fitted with a new air intake and an innovative alloy insert. They are both replicable. At the rear the heel cup has been shaped to give the rider more grip on the inside of the boot but still encompassing the replicable shock absorbing system at the back and outer side. On the inside preforated Teflon treated nylon lining is used in the boots upper with a soft andcomfortable Cambrelle lining used in the toe area. This fabric protection prevents water, or sweat from being absorbed. The boot dries very quickly and does not form mould. There is an extremely wide opening to make it very easy to slide your foot into the boot. Of course SIDE MAG 1 is designed for speed and the track. It combines cutting edge safety features with a inodern futuristic design that has been developed by SIDI through research, labratory and in-the-field testing.

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