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About Yamalube Products


Yamalube® Products - Performance in a Bottle®

Yamalube is precisely formulated to enhance the performance of your Yamaha and offer exceptional protection against wear and tear. Yamalube is developed by the Yamaha engine team, and is extensively tested in both lab and real-world conditions. When you choose Yamalube, you can be confident that you have one of the best performing oils available for your Yamaha. Look for the unique diamond plate design™ on the bottle and you've found it. Yamalube - Performance in a Bottle™.

The Yamalube® Advantage

The only oil specially formulated for your Yamaha ATV, motorcycle, scooter, WaveRunner or outboard motor.
Yamaha's number one goal in creating Yamalube was to ensure that you are getting the finest oil available for your Yamaha. Of course, no one oil is perfect for every application. That's why Yamalube is available in the precise formula your Yamaha Engine needs.

Why did Yamaha create it's own oil?

When Yamaha started making engines the engineers followed the common practice of recommending "off the- shelf" oils. Experience showed however that conventional oils didn't always offer the level of protection against wear and tear the customer paid for.

That sometimes resulted in significantly shorter engine life and a loss in performance. It became clear that our customers needed and deserved an exceptional oil product.

The same engineering team began searching for lubricants that met Yamaha's high standards. They insisted on the finest ingredients in precise formulations that would give dependable protection and enable the engine to deliver the high performance it was designed to give. This search eventually led to the development of our own premium oils - Yamalube.

There is also a range of Yamalube that is specifically designed and aimed at marine craft.


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