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Oxford Layers - 2014 ChillOut Windproof Knee Warmers


Oxford Chill Out provides an extremely effective mid-layer barrier against windchill. Perfect for use with Oxford CoolDry and WarmDry base layers.

At 0°C, the wind chill factor at just 24mph is approvimately -16°C. Add to that the impact of rain at high speeds and it is easy to see how a rider's concentration could be adversely affected.

The correct use of 'layering' can dramatically reduce the effect of wind chill, as well as maintain comfort through the wicking of moisture away from the skin. The all-new Chillout range of Oxford Layers uses the very latest in material technology to keep riders warm and comfortable in such extreme conditions.

The key ChillOut material is water-resistant, windproof and breathable; it also has an insulating fleece lining, which is gentle on the skin. In addition, stretch panels are employed in areas requiring maximum flexibility and breathability, so that comfort is not compromised in any way.

KNEE WARMERS are snug-fitting, comfortable and pre-formed for bent legs

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