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Oxford Chill Out Shirt


Oxford Chill Out Shirt has a high neck for wind protection, a ventilation zip and intelligent cuff design which avoids sleeve ride-up.

Forget the stereotypical image of old thermal long johns, the technically advanced (and funky looking) ChillOut garments defy the elements by using advanced materials to maintain a consistent body temperature.

Designed to be worn under existing riding apparel, the eight-strong range of garments has something for the tastes of every rider, from custom to commuter and sports to scooter. With today's ever-changing climate, ChillOut won't keep you from your bike.

Motorcyclists are more prone to the massive effects of wind chill. The insulating layer of warm air that sits between riders' skin and their outer layer can be blown away easily. In colder conditions this can be as severe as leading to the onset of hypothermia. The abundant use of Chilltex™, an extraordinary waterproof, windproof and breathable material used in all of the ChillOut range, prevents this by keeping cold air away from riders' bodies, allowing the insulating warm air to stay.

Chilltex™ is both tough and gentle at the same time. Its unique "3D" fleece lining is gentle on the skin while allowing warm air to be distributed evenly around one's body. The clever material also allows perspiration to pass through, creating a 'microclimate' that further aids comfort for the user.


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