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Conti Road Attack 2


Conti Road Attack 2 - Continental's masterpiece in Sport-touring

German engineered tyre technology to realise a never known level of grip, safety and dynamicsin the radial sport-touring segment.

  • Continuous Compound Technology (CCT) is designed to improve mileage through a wear resistant centre tread and increased safety through higher grip in the shoulder area.  The Continuous Compound Technology (CCT) makes it  possible to use a consistent grip grading with a single compound thanks to a temperature controlled curing of the tyre during the production process.
  • Black Chilli Compound, consisting of highly structured racing carbon black for quick warm up, grip resins for short braking distance and silica constituents for superior wet traction.
  • Traction skin, a revolutionary tactile tread surface: the micro-roughness of the tread optimises  the mechanical adhesion to the road, offering the safest and fastest   tyre break-in available.  Ready to ride!
  • Dynamic-Ride-Technology (DRT), comprised of a patented steel belt  construction and a unique contour, has been develop

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