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Sportec M5 Interact - Latest Supersport tyre with Interact™ Multi Zone Technology

Sportec M5 Interact™ is the most highly engineered Supersport tyre destined for demanding riders who face all riding conditions and demand the best performance. The new M5 features the Interact Technology in a 5 zone tension to offer the best performance for naked and supersport bike riders. In every weather, on every road, this is the perfect all-round supersport tyre!


  • Grip in the 5th dimension: The new 5 zone tension Interact™ Technology ensures the best balance between mileage, high grip, excellent handling and confident stability
  • New "Pi" tread pattern provides effective water drainage and superb flexibility for an optimised contact area
  • High Silica compound sets new benchmark adhesion in both wet and dry conditions
  • Innovative lean angle indicator on the rear tread shoulders for measuring your maximum level of usage of the tyre


Here's what the world motorcycling press are saying:

Superbike - "As it is, I'll be fitting a pair of these to my long term bike as soon as I can, reminding myself how good they felt on a soaking wet 16°C track Tarmac in 16°C air temperature - a lot like a wet British road, if you think about it." Or a New Zealand road for that matter.

MotorCyclist - "Verdict: 4 stars out of 5. An innovative design that offers the grip and durability of a dual-compound tire with even better ride quality and stability."


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