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We do it all

  • Service any brand motorcycle
  • 30 point check when serviced
  • The latest Dyno with gas analizer
  • Tyres
  • Warrants
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Pickup & delivery service
  • Sonic cleaner for your carbs
  • Grooming service
  • Tech tips
  • Suspension & setting up your bike

Service Centre

MCR has a fully equipped, high-tech workshop.  Our qualified and experienced staff diagnose, service and repair all brands of motorcycle. No job too big or too small.  MCR is proud to be an authorised CRT agent, Warrant of Fitness certifier and official Yamaha & BMW service agents.  We provide a large range of service options that are fully supported by our parts department.  Our service menu makes it easier for you to select a service you require that meets your budget.  We also offer a few specialised services including Ducati tuning, Dyno tuning and tyre expertise.  MCR is your one-stop service shop. DSCF3784.jpg

Authorised Service Agent

MCR is the Authorised Service Agent for Yamaha & BMW.  We have up-to-date programmes and access to genuine parts to keep your bike at it's best.

Specialised Ducati Tuning

MCR is a dedicated second hand Ducati dealer. Using the Dyno jet 250i dyno and Ducati Meathis tuning and diagnostic tools, we can achieve results like no others. We have trained staff in all areas ready to sort your problems.
No problem too big or too small.

Dyno Tuning

MCRmotorcycleReplacements Dyno2.jpg


Our motorcycle dyno tuning facilities will get the best performance from your bike. The Model 250i Load Control Dynamometer is perfect for durability testing and fuel injection mapping. Specialising in the Dynojet Power Commander, Dynojet jet kits and Dynojet Ignition modules we can use this technology to offer a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bike's ECU.  Our fully trained technicians specialise in making your bike a more enjoyable ride. Our diverse experience and willingess to improve your ride means we can cater for all brands of motorcycle.

FAQ's About Dyno Tuning

Are you tired of spending money to make your bike better, faster, cooler but gain no benefits?  Do you have a mate with the same bike as yours and you're tired of losing to him in drag races?

Many motorcyclists spend hundreds of dollars on bolt on accessories but still don't get the full benefits from their bike because they don't tune them in properly.

As a Dyno specialist in Dunedin, we are often asked about the necessity and benefits of Dyno tuning.  Here are some of our most FAQ's.

What is the Dyno used for?

A dyno is a diagnostic tool that measures the performance of a machine. We use our DynoJet Dynometer to measure the rear wheel horsepower, torque, speed, RPM of any motorcycle.  We use it as a rolling road, we use it to make your bike more efficient, we use it to improve fuel economy and throttle response.  Once you get these things right, the by-product is horsepower!

How does it work?

The bike sits on top of the dyno.  It turns a 384kg drum, which simulates riding down the road. The bike is tested with the engine running, in gear, and under various speeds and load conditions.  Information is collected from sensors from the dyno machine and bike and a co2 gas analyser.  This information is processed through the latest DynoJet software.  Results are printed in the form of graphs.  This information identifies specific strengths and weaknesses of the bike and from these results, decisions are made (in consultation with the owner) regarding changes needed for improvement.

Will it be hard on my bike?

It is a misconception that the bike is going hard out all the time whilst on the dyno.  In fact, the dyno process is no harder on the bike than riding it on the road.  Equipment is provided to maintain regular air flow so there is no chance of the bike over-heating.   Our dyno technicians are fully trained and treat all customers' bikes with the upmost respect.

Is it just for setting up race machines?

The quick answer is no.  Dyno tuning is commonly known for use in setting up race machines but street bikes gain huge benefits as well.   It's suitable for sports bikes, cruisers, touring bikes and dirt bikes.

What are the benefits of putting my bike on a Dyno?

In a nutshell, when a bike is tuned correctly it is a much more enjoyable machine to ride. Dyno tuning allows us to give your motorcycle a tune-up of unmatched quality.

Efficiency: Getting your bike to run as the manufacturer expected it to.  Efficiency of the bike can drop off at small amounts without the rider noticing it.  Tuning your bike on a Dyno identifies these loses and allows full efficiency to be regained.

Throttle response: When tuned correctly the bike is smoother and much easier to ride. Dyno tuning your bike reinstates that "feel good" factor.

Performance & Mileage: The by-product of optimum efficiency and throttle response is the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your bike whether it is a road bike, touring bike, dirt bike or race machine.

Seriously, once you gain the benefits from dyno tuning your bike, you will smile every time you rev your engine!  Our customer feedback is incredible and it's great to know we have helped other riders to fully enjoy their passion of motorcycling.

What other things can the dyno detect?

Running your bike on the dyno can also detect a number of other issues your bike may have such as clutch problems, chains and sprockets issues, tyre issues, dragging brakes and other things that deteriorate gradually, undetected.

Does a bike really need to be tuned on a dyno?

There are lots of reasons to run your bike on the dyno.  If you have purchased a bike and its previous owners have fiddled with different exhausts, fuelling, and ignition settings then it would be wise to check that the bike is operating as it should be and the modifications are not doing more harm than good. Shops that don't have the equipment or knowledge are most likely to tell customers "that's the way that model runs" or "they're all like that".  Our dyno is operated by fully trained technicians with 6 years experience of tuning in road and track bikes. They diagnose issues specific to the make and model of the bike using the latest information and technology available. We have also used the dyno to de-bug bikes that other workshops (including franchised dealers) just could not get to run properly.

What should I expect?

Process: First we determine (from speaking to owner) whether the bike has any particular problems of concern e.g. gas mileage, surging, lack of power, hard starting (hot or cold) pinging, missing etc.  The bike is then inspected for obvious problems.  We check engine is mechanically sound and look for common visual issues such as broken vacuum lines, plug wires, air filters, excessively dirty carburettor, etc. We also check the bikes maintenance history.

After consultation with the bike owner, we will then run the bike under a test session on the Dynometer, monitoring engine performance etc.  Adjustments are made to produce optimum performance.  When the dyno tuning is complete we provide the owner with a hard copy analysis (in the form of printed graphs) explaining the tune-up specifications so there are no hidden agendas.

Time required to complete the process can vary depending on the needs of the motorcycle.

If you want to know more about our Dyno tuning service, come in and see Rick or Bex and discuss your options.

Ultrasonic Cleaning


If you feel your machine isn't running efficiently, you're rebuilding or have a project bike on the go, contact us about our cleaning service.

Effective cleaning of your carbs can lead to improved efficiency from your  machine.   FACT:   MCR Ultrasonic cleaned the carbs in a Triumph 900 Trophy and gained 9 hp of efficiency back.

Almost any item on an engine can be cleaned from the rubber hoses through to bearings and gear sets.  In some cases, items can be cleaned without the need for complete disassembly which can save valuable time. Ultrasonic cleaning is powerful enough to remove tough contaminants, yet gentle enough not to damage the substrate.  It provides excellent penetration and cleaning in the smallest crevices and between tightly spaced parts.


Our Ultrasonic Cleaner can remove built up deposits on your engine parts in a matter of minutes.

Tyre Bay

MCR has a long history of having a full stock of tyres at all times with very competitive pricing. We will match any written quote and then fit them for free.
MCR has history with tyre testing and development with Metzeler and Dunlop.
If you have a handling problem to do with tyres, we can fix it.
We have the ability to assess your tyres wear, listen to you and then match the right tyre choice for you and your bike.
MCRmotorcycleReplacemetns tyreBay2.jpg

Warrant Of Fitness


Need a WOF? Want to get exceptional service from qualified & experienced technicians? MCR is an authorised warrant of fitness certifier. Our qualified technicians do on-site WOF inspections.  Getting a warrant of fitness is not just about the sticker, it's about safety.


If you are wanting more information about the services we offer please contact us

Telephone: (03) 4770 366


Workshop Card

Is your bike due for a service or in need of some maintenance? Take advantage of our Workshop Card. Simply come into MCR and receive a Workshop Card (with any purchase) from any of our staff and you will receive 10% off your next booking for our workshop services*.

*Conditions apply.