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What is a dynotune? 

In simple terms, a dynotune is about getting the maximum possible horsepower and torque from your motorcycle while maintaining your optimal air-to-fuel ratio, making your bike more enjoyable to ride. Talk to us about creating a plan for your bike. 

Why get your motorcycle dynotuned?

Better fuel economy

Petrol prices are hurting everybody these days; a bike that is expertly tuned will dramatically increase your fuel economy.

Better engine temperature

A properly tuned bike will run cooler than one which is tuned too lean. Tuning your bike for the correct air-to-fuel ratio will allow your engine to run cooler, last longer, and be more enjoyable to ride.

Better maintenance

A dynotune can pick up various other problems with your bike that you might not have noticed yet. Things like clutch problems, chains and sprockets issues, tyre issues, dragging brakes and other things that deteriorate gradually will be picked up during a dynotune, allowing you to correct them before they start causing major damage – to your bike, or your wallet!

Better performance

Are you sick of spending money on bolt ons or accessories for your bike, but still winding up slower than your mate with the same machine? Expert tuning of your motorcycle can increase the horsepower and torque of your motorcycle immediately.

MCR specialise in dynotuning for your motorcycle

Choosing who works on your motorcycle is very important. Our team of fully trained technicians have years of experience on a huge range of bikes, of all makes and models, road, off-road, track bikes.

We specialise in making your bike a more enjoyable ride using the Dyno as a rolling road. 

Let our years of experience make your bike run perfectly. Contact our workshop today.

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